Positioning everywhere

The ultra wide-band system  revolutionising  positioning for drones offshore & in GPS denied environments

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  • Multiple tag configurations: navigation, tracking or both
  • Down to 10 cm position accuracy
  • 10 positions per second (10Hz)
  • Plug and play, remote configuration of anchors
  • Power over Ethernet, or battery option
  • Scalable to an unlimited amount of tags and anchors
  • Direct support from our technical team
AGL developer kit 2-1

Developer Kit: Agilica Local Positioning System

Everything you need to set up a local positioning system for tracking and navigation capability in an area of up to 600 m2. Easy to install within one hour. Non-commercial use only.

Our technical team is on standby should you need any support.


  • 1 x AGL Navigation Tag | 1 x Debug Tag
  • 6 x AGL Anchors 
  • USB/Battery powered or Power over ethernet
  • IP67 rated for Industrial Use
  • All batteries & cables
  • Quick start + installation guide
  • Non-commercial use licence included
  • 1 day site survey and initialisation support (Europe)


€ 4,850.00 excl. VAT

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